At ESS Wellness & Aesthetics, we strive to transform the perception of visiting conventional clinic to deliver the best experience combining skin expertise with elegant spa ambience, without compromising any quality of medical standards and results. Situated in the heart of Ekamai,
ESS Wellness welcomes urban residents for a beauty getaway among our peaceful green garden and a personalized set of healthy afternoon tea. It’s time to experience the new era of wellness living with ESS Wellness & Aesthetics.

‘Experience the new era of wellness living with
ESS Wellness & Aesthetics’

For the safety of our guests, we only use Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells (UC-MSC)
that align with International Society of Cellular Therapy (ISCT).

Cell Therapy for Face method tackles skin aging problems, from wrinkles, acnes to dark spots and pigmentation by rebalancing your skin cells. When used in IV form, Cell Therapy for Body method will enhance body organs function, which results in age reversal effects and ultimate rejuvenation.

Every cell therapy at ESS Wellness is derived fresh on the day and comes with its own Lab Report & Doctor Explanation,
so it is 100% guaranteed that you will receive the best treatment.
The best method scientifically proven to absorb various active nutrients into your body is through your veins.
Vitamins and other essential nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream with 100% effectiveness
Founded in the late 1970s by a family of artisanal skincare experts, Biologique Recherche came about through the passion of biologist and physiotherapist duo Yvan and Josette Allouche. They devised an exclusive, customized methodology of cosmetic treatments adapted to every Skin Instant© and based on products with a high concentration of active ingredients.

All Biologique Recherche’s treatments are guaranteed personalized.
Backed by over 30 years of research, Applied Stem Cell Biology Professor Augustinus Bader’s Patented formulated technology TFC8 Nourishes and protects the skin by supporting the skin’s innate potential for cellar renewal.

Combined the award-winning formula TFC8 with our diverse range of signature massage techniques,

the results are dramatically improved skin quality that will make you love your skin even more.

ESS Wellness & Aesthetics

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It’s time to experience the new era of wellness living with

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